Commercial and Street Dancing

Our street classes are designed to increase physical activity through the movement of dance incorporating street and hip-hop dance moves.  

Our Street dance classes will be high energy, fun and build your child’s confidence.

They will learn different genres of Street dance such as commercial, house and locking to all the current chart music from industry icons. 

The commercial style of dance is music video/backing dancer edgy choreography. Combining jazz and street, this class will help your child with co-ordination, confidence, performance and attitude.

As a child enters school life their development through social environments is encouraged by activities outside the school curriculum.

By understanding rhythms and beats, a child is encouraged to learn new routines whilst at the same time including their own imagination in the process.  

The classes start with a gentle warm up and conclude with an ongoing routine that the child will practice and continue with throughout each term.

By having fun at the same time this class encourages a child’s body to build strong core muscles and flexibility.  

When a child reaches the age of 8, their confidence in dance movement is high so at this time we will be taking street dance to the next level – incorporating hip-hop, popping, locking and waacking.

The class is open to all abilities as participation and creativity is key to success.

By moving away from the traditional classes of Ballet and Tap, this class offers new choreography and routines and breaks away from what could be considered more regimented learning of the Arts.

Improvisational dancing is incorporated into class with 5 mins each class set aside for self-expressionor “free-styling”.

Show-casing the routine each term to teachers and parents emphasises the ability of children who like to perform, although this is not compulsory.

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