Squirrels Academy Kids

Saturday School Ages 3-4

Have Fun, Learn New Skills and Grow in Confidence


What we do


With these little ones, we aim to improve and build on their confidence.

We do this in a fun playful environment with lots of role play and games.

There will be a mixture of drama, dance and singing.

Our teachers are chosen by Jacqueline and share her vision of building confidence through a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

All teachers specialise in performing arts and are fully DBS checked.





General Information


Squirrel children are aged 3-4 and will do Drama, Singing and Dance.

Classes run on a Saturday mornings from 9.30 until 11.00 AM.

There will be an hour and a half of fun with a ten minute break,  so your child can have their brought in  drink and snack.

All squirrels will have their own beige coloured t-shirt, available to purchase at our shop. 


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